Dullstroom, Mpumalanga is well known as South Africa’s premier fly fishing region, offering excellent still water and river fishing for sporting anglers.

The climate and geography are ideal for supporting trout fishing. Rainbow and brown trout are stocked in most dams and streams in the area, and a few stock the prized golden trout.


Trout are also found in parts of the Crocodile River, which flows through Dullstroom, as well as the Dorps and Klipspruit rivers.

Largemouth bass are also found in some of the area's fishing dams. While some trout flyfishing enthusiasts may find this annoying, bass are great fighters and are just as rewarding as trout when taken on a fly.

Fishing is permitted year-round in the Dullstroom area, although fishing in the winter months from May to August may prove challenging.

Fly Fishing Dullstroom Town Dams

Both Dullstroom Town Dams are open to all members of the public - the lower dam is strictly a catch and release trophy dam.

You are obliged to produce your permits at the request of any Dullstroom Dams bailiff. All anglers must be in possession of a valid Mpumalanga Angling License - which they are required to produce when buying tickets. All anglers must be in possession of a valid permit to fish the Dullstroom Dams.

Access to the dams is through the Caravan park gate and Oaklane private gate only. Only flyfishing is permitted and no bait fishing or spinning is allowed. Catch limits apply to Upper Dam only. The Lower Dam is a catch and release only water and no fish may be taken under any circumstances.

Delagoa Cottage provides a perfect base for your Dullstroom fly fishing excursion.

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